La Borinqueña y las Hijas de la Crisis - Art Poster

This powerful image pays tribute to Puerto Rican artist Valeria Martiro's protest art featuring Puerto Rican women in full body makeup and costume that prominently took center stage during the #RickyRenuncia protests in Puerto Rico for two weeks in July, 2019.

This larger movement led to the resignation of the former corrupt governor of Puerto Rico. This artwork, art directed by Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez features 14 Puerto Rican artists from the island to the diaspora.

Proceeds from the sales of this Art Print will go towards our La Borinqueña Grants Program which supports local grassroots organizations in Puerto Rico.

La Borinqueña, created by graphic novelist and artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez. La Borinqueña is independently produced by Somos Arte

The debut issue was released December 22, 2016, the 121st anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag.

Media: 240 gsm coated fine art paper

Paper Size: 18" x 24"